WOW Red Onion Black Seed Hair Serum - with Red Onion Seed Oil Extract 100ml

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Give your hair back its lustre and healthy strength with WOW Skin Science Red Onion Black Seed Oil Hair Serum. This water-based hair serum has a blend of natural ingredients that aids in enhancing your hair texture and softness. It also helps to strengthen hair strands, reduce hair breakage and protect damaged strands. This improves hair texture and gives it a natural softness. It boosts healthy shine and smoothens rough hair. It should be used on damp, washed hair to get tamed, tangle-fre, smooth hair. The serum is infused with red onion extract with strong antioxidant properties that help to revive weak strands and promote blood circulation to the roots. Black seed oil, rich in fatty acids, helps to form a protective barrier on hair. Watercress extract, a conditioning active helps to restore moisture and check breakage. Indian Cress supports in shielding strands from UV damage and saw palmetto seed oil helps to improve hair structure. This serum is suitable for all hair types and should be used on washed, slightly damp hair to get maximum manageability and shine. Shine & Softness Boosting Hair Serum Say hello to smooth, lush, glossy hair with WOW Skin Science Red Onion Black Seed Oil Hair Serum. Help revive your dull, rough strands with this hair serum. Red onion extract and black seed oil help to protect strands from breakage. Use this serum post hair wash to get shiny, manageable hair.

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