WOW Green Tea Face Wash Gel - Contains Green Tea, Aloe Leaf Extracts Pro-Vitamin B5 & Vitamin E 100ml

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Help revive dull, tired skin with WOW Skin Science green tea foaming face wash. Delivers the goodness of green tea extract, aloe vera extract, pro-vitamin B5 and vitamin e. The face wash packed with skin-protecting antioxidants supports in fighting signs of aging like fine lines, age spots and dryness. It washes away dirt and pollutants without drying your skin. It leaves the skin hydrated and soft as the actives help to replenish lost moisture to your skin. The face wash also helps to balance skin and give you more even-toned complexion. This face wash suits every skin type and is ideal for those with aging, tired skin. The face wash is infused with antioxidant rich green tea extract which is loaded with vitamin B12. It helps to neutralize skin-damaging fre radicals and restore skin health. Aloe vera extract in the face wash is a natural skin hydrator that replenishes dry skin and helps to restore skin’s natural moisture barriers. Pro-vitamin B5 an essential nutrient that supports skin repair and renewal; and vitamin e a skin repairing moisturizer that strengthens the lipid structure and moisturizes skin. It helps to add glow and suppleness to your skin. Use this face wash daily to get fresh, dewy soft and healthily bright skin. When you begin to use this product, do a patch before first use. We highly recommend this practice, as nature-based products can also cause allergic reactions. Also, if your skin is broken or irritated then avoid using this till skin repairs itself. Avoid direct contact with the eyes. In the case that happens, wash eyes with plenty of water.

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