Wonka Love for The Nerds Seriously Strawberry, 4 X 46 g

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Munch on these yummy little treats from sugar man candy, and bring back the memories of your childhood by helping yourself to a box of these delicious Wonka nerds candy. Let the good old days come to life by snacking on this strawberry-flavoured candy that’s both sweet, tangy, and sour. This candy has a sweet and tangy flavour that is reminiscent of the same exact treat that you had as a child. This two-pound package of Wonka nerds candy contains 60 mini boxes of individually served mouth-watering candy. Grab your own box and nibble at this snack to satisfy your sweet tooth’s craving! Perfect as a gift for your loved ones, this treat is packed into mini boxes that will make sharing this with your child’s friends easier and more convenient. Each small pack contains enough serving to fill anyone’s craving. Surprise your kids by giving these little pack of candies to them and their playmates, and let them experience the same joy that you had as a kid when you snacked on these flavour-filled treats. Grab this item Now, and delight yourself and your loved ones with an all-time favourite candy treat.

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