Whittakers Hazelnut Block 200g

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"Whitakers Chocolates has evolved over 125 years and five generations from a small team manufacturing chocolates by hand in the back of a shop to a 150 strong workforce producing millions of chocolates every day in a state of the art production facility. Although much has changed over the years our values still remain true to the principles established by John and Rebecca Whitaker in 1889. We take pride manufacturing the most delicious chocolates, whether it be for our own retail and catering brand, or private label products for clients who wish to provide their customers with alternative brands. The flexibility instilled in our production facilities enables us to react quickly to customer requirements. The sourcing of our ingredients plays a vital role in our manufacturing process. All our chocolate, flavours, and packaging are sourced from suppliers who are fully dedicated to both quality and sustainability. Our commitment to these values is evident in our truly delicious range of retail and catering products which are thoroughly enjoyed throughout the world."

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