Twinings Super Blends Digest Spearmint, Apple & Rooibos with Baobab, 20 Bags (35g)

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Spearmint helps to support normal digestion. Feeling soothed and balanced is the inspiration behind this Digest blend. This deliciously refreshing mellow blend combines nature's classic after dinner helper - spearmint - with baobab and the sweetness of apple & rooibos. What does it taste like? Refreshing spearmint is followed by a soft sweetness from the apple & rooibos. The ginger is very subtle, leaving a soothing warmth after each sip. Baobab Baobab is the fruit of the Baobab tree which is also known as the 'Tree of life'. It can live to be up to 3000 years old. Spearmint The taste of spearmint is refreshing, soothing and softly sweet. Perfect anytime but particularly after a meal. Rooibos Rooibos, also known as red bush, is a widely loved herb grown in South Africa. The leaves are naturally caffeine free with a distinctive colour & sweet fruity flavour. Naturally caffeine free, Suitable for vegans

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