Teekanne Ginger-Turmeric 100% Natural 20 Tea Bags, 35g

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Teekanne Ginger Turmeric Tea is a soothing, well-balanced mix of ginger, spiced with turmeric and a hint of licorice. For thousands of years, ayurvedic healing practice uses ginger and turmeric to create an all-natural wellness experience for body and soul. It is naturally caffeine free. Mixed and packed in Germany by Teekanne, one of the world's largest purveyor of tea and Germany's leading tea brand. Based in D?seldorf (North Rhine Westphalia), the family-owned company (founded in 1882) invented the flow-through tea bag, a technology used in virtually every hot tea product today. To make a cup of "Teekanne" Tea - place one bag into a cup. Add fresh boiling water and leave to infuse for 3-5 minutes. Add milk, sugar if desired.

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