Rasasi Samawi 20ml Attar / Concentrated perfume oil

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Samawi oil by Rasasi, one of the leading perfume houses in the Middle East is blended out of exclusive notes that emphasis beauty.

Top Notes: Bergamot, Flowers, Citrus, Saffron
Middle Notes: Roses, Geraniums, Sandalwood, Amber
Base Notes: Musk

Rasasi Perfumes is a family business founded in 1979 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates by Abdul Razzak Kalsekar. His six sons have continued his vision and over three decades, Rasasi has built up a reputation as an energetic, pioneering brand, creating some of the best and most exclusive Oriental perfumes worldwide. The increasingly well-known brand, which operates all over the world, has gained an outstanding reputation pertaining to it's consistent quality, luxury, and elegance of its products.

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