Nobile 1942 Rudis Eau De Parfum For Men 75ml

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Rudis is the first part of a paradigm shift in the history of Nobile 1942 - a new direction, towards strong, intense and opulent scents. The first fragrance of the Premium collection is dedicated to a special characteristic: strength. In ancient Rome, "Rudis" was the wooden sword that was used by gladiators during their training, and worn into the battle arena as a symbol of their strength and valour and freedom. Rudis opens with an opulent blend of whiskey and leather, infused with tart fruits, smoky wood, buttery saffron, and the golden sweetness of immortelle. The leather’s luxuriousness has a sensual side from the musk and amber warmth. A streak of red wine runs through the base, alongside roses redolent with patchouli and spice, balancing the raw masculinity of the opening notes and making Rudis surprisingly modern. Sweet and spicy, golden and creamy, smokey and earthy, Rudis is an utterly intoxicating stitch in time connecting Europe's past, present, and future in an undeniably captivating fragrance. The packaging is a classic Italian. Nobile 1942 has designed these in collaboration with renowned Italian artisans: The charm of Florentine leather, as well as its characteristic odour and its history seduces. Of course, manufactured by hand in technical practice. The logo of Nobile 1942 is stamped into the waxy red of the leather.

Fragrance Notes:

- Top Notes: Bergamot, Dried fruits, Fruity notes, Wine
- Heart Notes: Rose, Geranium, Cloves, Saffron, Cedarwood
- Base Notes: Leather, Patchouli, Vetiver, Incense, Musk, Helichrysum

Fragrance Family: Woody, Spicy

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