Nobile 1942 La Danza Delle Libellule Eau De Parfum For Women 75ml

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Unapologetically luxurious and joyously self-assured, La Danza delle Libellule (the dance of the dragonflies) is a fragrance to devote to yourself, when femininity cries out, claiming some time for frivolousness, cuddles and the gentle insouciance that all women deserve. Inspired from all the romantic elements that make up Franz Lehar's composition the “Dance of the Dragonflies”, an operetta that met with great success, the scent brings all the lightness necessary to soothe even the most troubled hearts. Like the delicately beautiful insects that inspired Lehar in the first place, La Danza delle Libellule delights with its playful grace. Opening with an intensely juicy burst of apple and bergamot, La Danza immediately distinguishes itself from more straightforward gourmands with its understated approach to sweetness: dry cedar and rich cinnamon give contrast to the bright fruitiness without ever getting sugary or cloying. A pure vanilla, supported with cocoa and musk, comforts and pampers in a heart-warming sugary cloud. A bold, beautiful, and unapologetically feminine scent that's sure to conjure up fantasies of majestic castles and storybook romance to charm even the most jaded fragrance fan.

Fragrance Notes:

- Top Notes: Apple, Bergamot
- Heart Notes: Cinnamon, Cocoa
- Base Notes: Cedarwood, Vanilla, Musk

Fragrance Family: Gourmand

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