Nobile 1942 Il Sentiero Degli Dei Eau De Parfum 75ml

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Il Sentiero Degli Dei or "The Path of the Gods" takes its name, and inspiration from a rather beautiful and famous hiking trail that stretches between Bomerano and Nacelle, two tiny villages perched on the cliff sides on the Sorrento coastline, overlooking the endless blue of the Mediterranean sea. This incredible route, where the ridges of Lattari Mountains slide and sink into the blue of the sea toward the Island of Capri, still tells its myths and legends to people who live there and to walkers.

Il Sentiero Degli Dei is this Mediterranean dreamscape rendered in perfume form. Its luminous, sparkling top notes of lemon balm evoke the sunshine of the Amalfi coast, dotted with orange and lemon groves as far as the eye can see. A serene floral heart of jasmine, rose, iris, and orange blossom unfolds its classic, powdery bouquet, but the citrus top notes continue to scintillate, cementing this as a very Italian scent rather than a French one, marked by the irresistible brio and good humour of the Italian Riviera. In the drydown, the sensual, woody base notes of ambergris and tonka bean cast a hazy, golden glow over the scent, evoking the red-gold tenderness of a late June sun slipping under the horizon of the Mediterranean sea. Somewhere in the final trail of this magnificent scent, there is the sensual surprise of musk, or more accurately, the scent of skin that has enjoyed a full day stretched out in the citrus grove of our imagination.

Fragrance Notes:

- Top Notes: Lemon, Green leaves, fruity notes
- Heart Notes: Jasmine, Rose, Iris, Orange flower
- Base Notes: Woody accord, Amber, Musk, Tonka bean

Fragrance Family: Citrus, Floral, Woody

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