Nescafe Gold Blend Roastery Collection Light Roast Soluable Coffee Tin, 100g

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Taste the unrivalled flavour of batch roasted coffee with NESCAFÉ GOLD BLEND Roastery Collection. A luxury light roast instant coffee crafted by our master roasters to create a superior sensorial experience. With notes of rich caramelised honey paired with toasted biscuit, for a smooth and velvety finish. Make every moment matter with the unique NESCAFÉ GOLD BLEND Roastery Collection & experience the unrivalled flavour of the Roastery. The Roastery is at the heart of NESCAFÉ GOLD BLEND. It’s where 50 years of craft meets batch roasting technology. Where master roasters revel in the never-ending pursuit of the best instant coffee. With NESCAFÉ GOLD BLEND Roastery Collection, now everyone can experience the unrivalled flavour and be transported to our iconic Roastery from the comfort of your own home.

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