Madni Black Oud 8ml Attars/Concentrated Perfume Oil by Madni Perfumes

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Black Oudh is a blend of the world's finest essential oils. The brilliant top note is refreshing and zesty, bursts into life with a bracing citrus complex, predominantly Italian lemon and bergamot supported by French lavender and Indian Basil giving the top its typical Mediterranean character. The heart notes are an alluring blend, rich and unique, of precious rose, grown in a very unique French village supported by iris from Tuscany. They turn into warm, sensual accord, made of the most exclusive woods, agar wood from Thai, sandalwood from East India and vetiver from Bourbon. A sensual musk note adds depth and richness giving the scent reliability and long life. Oudh is one of the most popular and renowned Attars Attars globally. There are several brands that have launched their own versions of Oudh Attars. Have put hard work and devoted significant time in research, testings and market validation before finalizing the formula. Oudh is taken out from Agarwood tree that is brown in color. Agarwood trees are originated in forest regions of Assam, a north-east state in India. The parasites infect the root and the trunks of the tree resulting in a pale beige of dark brown resin on its wood.The resin from the highest part of the tree is used to make dehnul oud , dehn-al-oudh , Oud, Oudh Attars using hydro-distillation method. Indian Oud has lingering sweet, leathery and woody aroma. It?s long-lasting oud based Attars

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