M&M's Milk Chocolate Candies - 45g (Pack of 4)

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We are at our happiest while sharing a laugh and making real connections with other people. M&M? candy lets you share fun, meaningful moments and lighten up the world with a bit of enjoyment. M&M? chocolate coated coloured shells can lift the spirit by brightening any situation.These perfect round bite- size lentil candies can be used to make your candy buffets and sweet dishes turn into a colourful treat to be shared with everyone! The delicious chocolate flavour of the M&M candies is like a cherry on the top, that can be shared with guests. Each piece of the smooth and chocolatey Mars M&M?, in a colourful sugar shell, gives you a reason to celebrate the little moments of life. Now don? let fun get away, enjoy these candies while working at home, studying, binge watching or simply when bored. Indulge in some playful wittiness with M&M?!

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