M & M MARS Peanut Milk Chocolate Pack of 4 Pouch, 4 x 45 g

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World’s favourite m&m’s chocolate candies, a treat for all candy and chocolate bar lovers, are now in India. Deliciously smooth milk chocolate, and crunchy roasted peanuts coated in fun coloured shells, is what best defines m&m’s flavourful candy pops. Anytime is party time with this classic coated peanut chocolate candy! M & M MARS peanut candies are a little nutty, a lot tasty and always full of fun. These chocolate-covered peanuts are coated with a colourful candy shell that helps make great chocolate desserts. With loads of happy colours to choose from, m&m’s peanut candies are the best kind of snacks to unlock some fun and brighten up any situation. Fill up your candy dish, fill up chocolate gift boxes, use them for baking or simply share them with friends for endless fun with m&m’s peanut candies. Take it to your next house or office party for a delicious treat with a satisfying, nutty crunch. And you’ll be glad to have m&m’s peanut chocolate candy on hand.

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