Herbal Essences Honey, I'M Strong Strengthening Hair Shampoo 300ml

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Strengthening shampoo;Leaves hair 10X Stronger in 1 Wash.*;Strengthening shampoo coats each hair strand to help repair the protective outer layer.;Provides strength against future damage.;Strengthening shampoo scented with Honey Essences.;10X Stronger in 1 Wash;With Honey Essences;Naturally Inspired: Cleopatra is said to have bathed in milk and honey to preserve her youthful appearance;Intriguing ingredients; Incredible fragrances; Irresistibly touchable hair; Herbal Essences; Potent pleasure for all your senses;Honey, I'm Strong shampoo and conditioner strength against damage vs. non-conditioning shampoo

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