Gold Medal Medicated Oil For External Use (10ml)

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Gold Medal Medicated Oil Gold Medal Medicated Oil is highly effective when rubbed into sore muscles and joints. It relieves your body of minor aches and pains associated with strains, bruises, arthritis and sprains. Benefits Gold Medal Medicated Oil is a compound that is derived from peppermint plants. Menthol has been used for many purposes in recent history. The most common use for it today is as a mild anesthetic, on external areas of the body. The special property of menthol is that it triggers a cooling sensation on the skin when it is rubbed into a sore area. It is very effective as a topical analgesic to soothe your muscle pains and cramp, as well as mild arthritis pain. Gold Medal Medicated Oil It'S An Orginal Product From Singapore Made Up Of Unique Formula Renowned From Over The Decades Globally. Its Unique Ingredients Are Intended To Provide Relief From Ailments Such As Blocked Nose, Rheumatic Pain. It Is A "Handy Remedy" For Quick And Refreshing Relief From The Heat Of The Day Or An Annoying Headache. Ingredients That Come From The Earth, Essential Oils Drawn From The Flowers& Grasses, Trees & Leaves Have Healed , Soothed And Stimulated The Mankind For Age-Old Centuries Known For The Value Of Natural Therapy. Ingredients Gold Medal Medicated Oil contains the following: Active Ingredients: Menthol 15% Camphor 5% Methyl Salicylate 20% Inactive ingredients: Eucalyptus Oil Fragrance Mineral Oil How to Use We recommend that adults and children two and older apply to the sore area three to four times per day. Children who are younger than two should not use this product.

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