Duru Lemon Cologne, 200ml

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Traditional Turkish Duru cologne brings permanent scent with chill, freshness, and hygiene. It increases your energy with its unique and fresh fragrance. Perfect of the scent of lemon will make you feel in lemon garden. Duru cologne gives a perfect impression with its nice smell. It leaves a therapeutic effect on your body. You will feel yourself as if you had a shower a short time ago. You can use traditional Turkish lemon cologne for many purposes from disinfection to cleaning. While you smell the nice lemon fragrance, you clean up your face and hands. You can refresh yourself any time of the day by carrying a Turkish cologne bottle in your bag and eliminate any bacteria from your skin quickly. You can also use it in order to clean your cell phone and glasses car, and door handles. If you don?t have water and soap, the cologne will perfect alternative for you. Duru cologne will be your essential item to protect your skin and body from external factors and always keep in your house.

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